VS 4VS 4 Slope
model information

VS 4 Slope

Strained pleated blind with upper slope. Open from bottom to top via operating handle or additional stick. Only the straight part can be handled - the slope stays fixed and is not operable.

We provide many colors and designs in exclusive fabric qualities.

System and package height
paket paket
50 cm ca. 5 cm
100 cm ca. 6 cm
150 cm ca. 7 cm
200 cm ca. 8 cm
220 cm ca. 9 cm

Size range
Width (B):
min. 30 cm
max. 150 cm
Slope width:
max. 230cm (dependent on fabric width)

Height (H1):
min. 30 cm
max. 150 cm (until 120 cm width max. Height 220 cm)

Height (H2):
min. 10 cm

Angle (W):
min. 5°
max. 60°